Wednesday, December 31, 2008


对着2008说声拜拜,我们不会再见了,我打开家门欢迎2009, 2008充满很多故事,2008最后几天也有故事,可是没有时间要上网,明年在写给大家看看。

Wednesday, December 24, 2008



Thursday, December 11, 2008

38-38, ghosts and paranormal events.....

Do you believe in ghost or paranormal events? And do you encounter one of them?
Everything needs science explanation…lol..Since I not science stream students anymore, I think I should believe half of it, not fully believe(if not I will be paranoid), after I heard of this incident happen to my school mates.
As you all know, I in college, so that means my college will have those boarding or outstation students, and they have to rent houses, and they call those houses as hostel…zzz…but it was not hostel, it was a rented house, rent by you all.
Wow, when did I argue with this hostel and houses name thing?
OK, back to the points.
1st case, a girl was press by a little kid ghost. This happen when the girl is sleeping, she was press by a little kid ghost, how she know it was a little kid?
When the ghost pressing on her, she heard little kid laughing. Since prayer does not help her to get rid of the kiddy ghost, she shouts foul words, and that kiddy ghost is some sort of scared of what, that kiddy ghost was crying. Hahaha…funny story right? This what I heard from the victims, it was a actual conversation. And I think she is having some kind of mental broke down or whatever it is, because our school live is quiet stressing with plenty of home works and assignment, and will have test or quiz every weeks, moreover she is a outstation student, she need to cope with her busy school life and taking care of her life and rutin without support my family members.
Until her house mates also facing the same things, the kiddy ghost also pressing on her and the girl sure that she not tell the story to the 2nd victims..blah blah….and it that ghost real?
And this Monday, the paranormal incident happens in other house. A 3 story house, not my house lah, I know my house is 3 story height. This house is bigger then mine.
4 girls saw a bunch of ghosts having drinking ceremony or in Chinese yam seng in the master bed room. Lol, are the ghost imitating us which went to the house when we celebrating our 1st semester break, we got drink some wine.
And I heard before, that people saw ghostly image outside the house
Pro oh, imitating ghost, and will ghost reading my article?
Sorry ghost, I not dare to offense you all.
It is real or what? Are they facing too much of stressing, but four people saw a bunch of ghosts at the same time.
I don’t know, and I want to know more about it.
Anybody can give me answeers?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Potato Madness

Its been a quiet busy weeks for me, due to my school organizing this Charity Bazaar, and i don't have idea why i can get involve in this bazaar.
Maybe i like this kind of organizing events things.
What i do for the bazaar?
Not much, i just decorate the room for the event(since i join Interact Club during form 4 and the Chinese society call YouYihuakai, which i always been assign to decorate team), and help all the way i can for the bazaar. I am the deputy of finance and cooking(joking), because i was in charge of money and even make salad, serve the food and so on.
The bazaar was held for 2 days, Thursday and Friday.
The most memorable part is, the balloons war,the games is like this, you paid a particular amount of money, get few balloons with water in it, throw at people which volunteer to do so.
Lol, after the events, still got balloons leave over, what we do?
We throws at each otter, till the whole room become wet.
Here come the potato madness, smash potato madness. I bake this mashed potato for the bazaar, which we sell Rm1 for a small pieces.
It is tasty or not? What do you thinks, my reader? My smash potato was out of stock in 30 minutes...hahaha...thank to my mum, she teach me how to do this kind of girly thing.

This is the one i make for the bazaar

My sport committee chairman-Mardona aka dona the pondan..this guy sacrifice allot for the events

This is what i decorate...
Kind of like this one....

and for Sunday dinner, I make mashes potato for my families.
So potato madness for the whole week...