Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween tragedy....Kota Kinabalu

When i was small, I used to very enjoy for a train ride. Do you guys know Kota Kinabalu got its own long long history railway? Since the colonial era till now, and one of the chu chu train still around and function.

Forget to tell you, just in front of my resident areas is where the rail road is.

Now i have trauma since this accident happens, an oil tanker crash with the train, it happens just in front of the intercept to my resident areas. It really spine chilling when i saw this news on Facebook, whole body was in cold, heart pumping just like turbo engine was built in, since I can’t called in both of my parents hand-phone..but thanks god, my parents just like celebrities that leak out their handphone when the accident stroke, all of our friends,and familes called house was in good condition,and my families manage to go to safer place.

Chu chu the train come...chu chu come the tragedies. It not happens happens dozens of times. One of the reasons is reckless driver, other one is Sabah Government I want to ask Sabah Government, you all have the financial to build, renew the railroad,and purchased few new train (I think is second hand from china), but why can’t you build an automatic road-blocker in every intercept? or fence some of the place?

Tragedy can be minimize if you all do so.

You all r moron, whose brain was stuck into ur ass, come on, do something for ur citizen the one who paid you salary and vote you. Are you deserve our vote?

Don’t think i will forget this accident, every days i need to use the small road, I think most of my neighbour will, since most of us just stay behind. We will not forget.

Chu chu chu, every times a train pass by, memory will replay just like old movie!

Friday, October 28, 2011



Friday, October 14, 2011

Took life too serious

A friend told me, life is short, sometimes do enjoy it, and relax with it. Dont took everything too serious.
I think i lack of that kinds of thinking, dont too serious.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


A good friendship may be in jeopardy ,thank to my hot temper.
Friend, if you see this post. Do you think our argument is just a childish argument?
A car accident joke by you and my uncontrollable emotion by scolding you as i had wasted whole afternoon for worrying on nothing, now make both of us strangers.
I m sorry by throwing those harsh word on you.
Hope for the best that we are still friend.