Thursday, February 23, 2012


Will there be any surprise tomorrow?

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Accomplish my own task- i graduate my advanced diploma without failing any subjects.

If you follow up my post in early years, i have repeating 1 year course during my Diploma..

The whole process of repeating course is not fun at all, been look down by some lectures, and friends, some even treat me as "bad boy" as i keep on failing and failing.

i can said i m a "kiasu" types person, so with those negative words,100% changes on my personality,from a laid back and lazy type, i become a fierce contender, and dedicated person. Proudly to said, during my repeating years and my second year, my position for whole course is no 1 and no 2.

With this "flame', i took up my own challenge of complete my advanced diploma without any failing subject, and thanx God, and dedication of mine, i done it.

For the up coming UK degree, i m sure, i ll pass it.

For those who fail before, one phrase for u all : failing at first step will always happen, the second step you took, you may be success, if you give up on the first step,you cant accomplish anything. Never give up till the end, work hard for it.