Tuesday, May 1, 2012

In memory of my Wai Po

I write this just want to keep my memory about you, as human tend to forget when they get older.

You an angel for me, and I’m your Intan, one of the favorite grandchildren.
When I just 1 month old, you been look after me, and shower me with lots of love and care. That why I become one of your favorite. We got a strong bound.

Sometimes or usually your bias, you tend to care me more compare to my siblings, sometime you will only buy nice food for me, everything that come first will belong to me, even I get a much bigger angpow.

There allot of great memories with you. Besides buying ah bo’s egg tart and jam tart to me which until now, Po po also will cook delicious crab for me, and other delicacies.

Po, you still remember, when I was small, you and me will took mini bus to Center Point? And one time, on the ground floor of center point, you pretend throw The RM 1 grow in the dark plastic ball which Shan shan get it from the “egg machine” to middle of nowhere , while you hiding it in your hand, and give me that ball, because I love it so much. Another time , is I brining rm70++ to buy Digimon which ended up is a fake Digimon. 

Po, and one time during chinese new year, you gave me one little pet that ended up on our dining table, the poor crab was tie with rob, and it was pulled back and front by me.

Every time you come to visit me, you will tell me tons of stories about families and me, which you have told me allot of time, but I’m not boring with it. One of it is, when I still little baby, Mum warn you ,not to bath me because she was worry with your health, but you still resist ,by putting me near the door, and bath me, other than that, you will bring me ,watching students end their class because our old house just behind stella maris. You also tell me, how adorable I m because I just like a mini size sumo.

I still remember you like to watch Hokien Movie, and one of the movies called Yi Nan Wan, which got hundred or more episode, you will pint pointing which actor is good and which are evil.

Everytime you meet me, you sure will give me pocket money, even I resited with it, you still will find a way for me to take it.

Some shading memories like you will wait aunty at arriving hall and hug her when she come back from UK, the glass of the arriving hall is light brown color and surround by dark brown color metal. You wearing you pink color cheongsam ,purple long pants and light brown sandals.

Few days ago, you still doing very well, and you still join me watch NBA, and keep on tell me, basketball is dangerous, it can bring any benefit to me. Like usual, you will criticized the cheerleaders are wearing too sexy, and said that is better to get naked.  And on Sat…. …..

I m regretting for not record down all you special delicacies, writing down your life story like pre ,during and after japaness occupied life, bring you around when you ask me to do so, and also visit you when I come back for Semester break, I m foolish enough to neglect with you.

From now on, my life will be change, family tempo also will be change,chinese new year and other celebration will not be same.
 From now on, nobody will touch my hair, telling me ,curly hair people is hard to deal with, and I have a nice curly hair.
From now on,  I don’t have the best homemade chili to dip in, crab to eat, meat boat to swallow, and allot more.
From now on, I lost a shelter, I lost an angel,I lost a motivato, and  I lost the world greatest grand mom.

I miss the time you tell me story, miss your voice, miss you delicacies, and most miss you.
Don’t worry Po, I will study hard, and do well in career ,even build a nice family, you teach me allot,

30/4/2012, is the day you leave us, you surely will be miss. Love you. 

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kenny25 said...

my grandmum also will touch my hair, and telling me ,curly hair peoples is hard to deal with, and I have a nice curly hair...haha