Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sabahan, I m proud of

Stayed  in KL for 1 and a half years, and as a Malaysian, I m fell shame for West Malaysian as most of them need to upgrade their general knowledge.  
Abroad for more than 1 years, my fellow countryman ,west malaysian, still will ask us lots of funny question and hence the purpose of me write this post are answering back sarcastic and post some facts.

Most common questions are : You all still live on Tree? 
Answer: Yes ,we do, and here the samples, it come with different sizes and design.

Lol, the real answer is No, we dont live on tree house or in cave, and i can said most of our houses is bigger than yours, as you all live in expensive but small condo or flat. For you informtation, there are tree house around and it for tourist.

2nd, do you have shopping mall? 
Hey guys, Where can you find Full house, Rip curl, Padini, and other major chain outlets in West Malaysia? Shopping mall right? Ya, we do have, and I think 1 Borneo is bigger than Pavillion but smaller than One Utama, and Mid Valley . In fact, it call hyper mall, and there still more mall coming up. Not to mention, Suria Sabah, where you can find lots of international brands at there.

3rd, hows you guy come to Kl or West malaysia? 
Erm there are only two ways, by steam boat and swim, that how i went to study, first time i swim to there, and onward, i took steam boat. Lol, fact is we can take boat, but it may took week or weeks, and fact again, we have SECOND largest international airport in Malaysia and have five major airport, which most of you dont have.
And in Malaysia, the most air travelers are from Sabah, and i can bet with you, many of you still not yet took an airplane before.

4th, where is Kota Kinabalu? Is it on top of Mount Kinabalu?
Come on brother, how you expect four hunderd people live on a Mountain? this not Denver , is Kota Kinabalu and its beside sea and Mount Kinabalu is 1 hour drive from KK city.

5th, are you guys travel by buffalo or horses?
Buffalo? Oh, you means toyota? you can see them around ,the middle income family will have the common toyota vios and cambry while the wealthy one will have ninja king (land cruiser), horses? mustang or ferrari? i do saw two or three ferrari around in Kk. I think i answer your question and dont make us laugh so hard, stomach pain.

6th question i encounter before, what is sino kadazan? who are they? are they foreigner?
Lol, guys, they are malaysian, and i m one of them. We are children of Chinese and Kadazan or both of our parents are Sino kadazan, in a words that you all understand is Chinese-Kadazan.
One of i proud of is we sabahan live in harmony , seldom have racist issues happen in Sabah, i do have friends of other races, we mix with other races, and you can find chinese eating in Malay stall or different races sitting together and chit chatting

Here are some facts you guys need to know about,

A) 1st survivor series was held in Pulau Tiga,Sabah
B) Amber Chia is from Tawau,Sabah
C) We do have two cites, Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan
D) Diver's paradise island Sipadan is in Sabah and tourist come to Malaysia are visiting Sabah

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