Monday, October 29, 2012

My life in UK

Update! Update! Lots of people keep on telling me to update my blog especially my uk life. Here is it,peps. Sorry for the wait.

Since small, I m telling people that I wish to study aboard especially UK (influence by both of my UK graduates aunt), and now my dream come true. Here am I, UK

I m doing fine here, apparently very good, foods can be easily found at here, people here are helpful and friendly nd best part is I dont have home sick.

UK so big,you guys will ask me which part of UK i in. Erm. Sheffield the place it call, and small city but yet full of green city. Not to mention ,there are 85 parks in Sheffield. See,how green it was. It make it look like KK, the only make it difference is the weather, and culture

Peace Garden,one of the iconic buidling in Sheffiled. 
more picture can be found from here Sheffield

I spent four months in UK, But is a fruitful four months, went to seven places and have my first begpack in Europe. Below are few places i went in U.K.

Went to city of history- York
Ate the best Fish and Chips in UK in Whitby, and know where is lifejackets come from. Here the link for you to see Whitby

Went to Old Tranford, and Machesther

Blackpool, the city of amusement park and entertainment

Meeting old friend and explore Liverpool
Here the photos Liverpool day trip

Be a student in Cambridge
Check the photo out in Cambridge

Crazy trip in Leeds
Beside those trip, I m able to join some of occasion like Olympic Torch relay, went to church and be Sunday school helper. 

My life here is quiet different with my peers, I took the path different with my peers, I m trying hard to make friends with new people, mix with other, and the result is great, I meet lots of great friends from Malaysia and other countries.

Some of the new friend i made during my stay here 

Funny church members from Malaysia : 1st Row from Left : Sharonne, Eve, She Anne, Me , Jiawen
             2nd Row from left : Sze Shing, and Thomas  3rd Row :Mark

Lovely Qing Qing from China

Like a grandma for me, Aunty Ruth from Indonesia
Angus, physiotherapist from Hong Kong

Not to mention, kk people i meet her, from left Kristen, Elisa, Janice and Avin

Less than 3 months, I made new friends, they come in my life fast as lighting and hopefully we will not lost contact like lighting too.

More pictures can be found at here

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